Monday, July 28, 2014

Blue Banner with Pink Roses

I have always used the name Gossamer Creations for all my handmade items. I couple years ago I started selling vintage and vintage inspired home decor items with a partner.  So we started BROCADE MOON (Etsy Shop) because I wanted to keep my handmade items separate. Somehow I stared adding my handmade items to Brocade Moon because it was easier keeping it all in one place. So now it's ended up mostly my handmade items and a little vintage. So if you see Brocade Moon on this blog a lot that's the reason. I am still always making something. Lately I have been making these fabric banners. I decorate with them all the time in my home and I just love them. Not just for parties just because I think they are cute and happy for anytime. If I was still doing craft shows and selling at craft malls I would use them to decorate my easy-up and mall space. I wish I was making them then. 
I also have another Etsy Shop Called The GYPSY FACTORY. This one  I stared with my daughter. She designed everything and did all the blog design.  I just did the manual (computer) labor. She is no longer a part of it because of time constraints. So it's just me. Because she was the designer I have to sell everything as you see it because I don't know how to make changes. I think it's really cute and of course I think she is very talented (being her mom). That's why I brought it back after the shop was closed for so long. I will still be adding items for the next few days. I hope you can stop by and check it out. 

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