Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Fabric Postcard

I received this beautiful fabric postcard in the mail last week. Black and white...my favorite. I had never seen a fabric postcard before.....it came in the mail just like a regular postcard.......I was amazed. The back looks like a normal postcard with stamps and she put it in a clear envelope. Soooo cute. It is from Marva from Purple Paint. I had sent her some sewing notions I had (from a prior post) found in a box that I got at a yard sale. They seemed kind of old and cute and I thought someone might like them. She has some other beautiful things on her blog and in her etsy shop.........go and check them out. Thank you Marva.


Coastal Sisters said...

What a beautiful card!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a lovely card! :)

purplepaint said...

Hi Sue! The postcard fits right in with the colors on your blog! Talk about serendipity!!! Love all your new things! Marva