Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday~Paris Flea Markets

I have always wanted to go to Paris........... flea markets.  I know there are museums and many sights to see but I want to look for junk or treasures. 
Such a romantic notion looking for treasures in Paris
We hope to go there one day but I am afraid to I have to work on that. We took a vacation last summer and flew but it was really hard to do. I think we will just stay home this summer. 
                                One day !


Sandy said...

Oh, if you have the means, you must get to Paris! I didn't get to any flea markets, but the city itself was beyond belief. Go, go go!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh -you just have to get on the plane - take a lot of drugs and fall asleep until you get there! That's what I do - and I"m not even scared of flying! LOL

Paris is fabulous and the flea markets are everything you want them to be!

Tanza said...

Good morning Sue,
Such a wonderful post !!! I'm sooo afraid to fly too !! It's crazy because I'm such a believer in the Lord.. Where's my faith.. But, I just want to be directed and guided on my two feet on this earth.. That air thing is insane.. I scream on take-off and landing, and hold on really tight.. Can you imagine.. Like that helps.. Everyone looks at meee. OMGosh.. Not a pretty sight.. I see no pink in the air,,(just green).. I'm soo happy someone else has the courage to admit this.. Be like me, we can close our eyes and pretend to be at a Paris Flea Market.. I'll go with..hahahaha.. Have a happy on your feet kinda day.. hugs to you ~tea~xo

Tiedupmemories said... too! Afraid of planes! I've been to France 3 times! my husband is French. I have many glasses of wine while I'm on the plane! Lol!Once you get there it's worth all the stress!You have to keep telling yourself..planes are safer than cars!

Balloons n Stuf said...

Hi Sue
wow!I'm with you! Scared stiff of flying until my boss told me I was going to a conference in Wadonga, Victoria and we were going to fly. I didn't travel long on and off 2 planes to get there, but i reckon I can call that 4 trips I have done now,Yey!!
I think you should go for it, only thing holding me down is lack of funds. I would love to explore Paris but especially the markets.I have loved Paris since I was exposed to it in my French class at highschool when I won a lovely little book of french poems and a kiss from a gorgeous frenchman.Take me please !!!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Sue, it's okay that you're not exactly fond of flying. Everyone has their "issues". I, too, think Paris would be great, but don't fret if you never make it. There are a gazillion and one things to go and see and enjoy every bit as much as you would Paris, right here in the US. I'm sure you could find just as many neat things in NYC! Please try not to regret it if you can't do it. You'll do a million other fabulous and creative things on your own that Paris couldn't even possibly offer! If you're in TX, we'll road-trip somewhere together, my friend!