Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Blog

I have wanted to start a blog for so long, I thought 2009 would be a good time. I'm not sure what I have to say and it is little scary writing things down but I really enjoy reading other people's blogs...............little bits of their lives, photos, creative thoughts and seeing all the beautiful things everyone makes. Today is my Birthday and it was a wonderful day. I spent the day with my husband and two favorite people. The photo above shows a little of the decorations that my daughter put up for me today. My dining room looked so beautiful......all white and pink(with a little aqua). With a lot of glitter and tulle, two of my favorite things. So here goes my foray into the world of blogging.
I wish everyone a wonderful New Year !


Celestial Charms said...

Well, well. I am blessed with being your first comment ever on your new blog. What an honor. I welcome you to blogland and look forward to visiting often. My unsolicited advise would be to try creating a post every day...something I fail to do! It really does help in attracting folks to stop by. I will try to practice what I preach soon! Best of luck, and as I type this I will add you to my list of other blogs on my blog so others might pop by.

Gossamer Creations said...

Hi Maureen,
Thank you for leaving my first comment. I am looking forward to blogging. I will try and take your advice and post every day. It sounds a little overwhelming at the moment. I will follow your blog also after I figure out how. Thanks for adding me to your list.
Kindest Regards,

littlethings1 said...

You are off to a great start !! Thanks for following my blog !! Love your "birdie" decorations !!
The Little Things

lorhen82 said...

I'm glad you took the plunge and started your own blog! I started in December, and it's a lot of fun! Don't worry about how people are going to like it, just do what makes you happy, and then you can feel good about it - no matter who else likes it. Chances are, there will be a lot of people who will!

The decorations your daughter put up for you are simply BEAUTIFUL!!! ~Lori