Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend I did not go to any garage sales or do much crafting. I cleaned. I was getting so much stuff in the office it was hard to walk around. I would like to say that I have a nice big studio, but no........ I have part of our office (well 3/4 of it) that I share with all of my family. The top of my shelves (pictured) were stacked high with ................stuff.  The shelves in the picture are behind me to my right when I am at my work table, so I just roll backwards when I need something. My husband put up some more wire shelves out in the garage so I just moved things out there.
These are some bottle brush trees I bought recently. Somehow this is the first year I have notice pink or white bottle brush trees. Where have I been ! I do have some green ones in our little Christmas village but those never did much for me. The first one I ever notice and bought was the white one in the center of the picture below with the cute little girl next to it. I bought it from Eunice at The little Things, check out her blog she makes some really cute treasures. I thought I would decorate some of the trees so I would be ready for next Christmas.  Well half way through I had a glitter emergency...........I ran out of my crystal glitter. I had to made a Michaels run and get some more ( I like Martha Stewart's crystal glitter). I covered the trees and their bases with glitter.  I think I might have a glitter addiction (oh and a pearl addiction too). I will probably pack them up soon but for now they are staying out.


Holly said...

Oh your trees turned out really cute! I like your dream banner, too! Have a great day! ♥

Candy said...

I know what you mean about stacking up stuff. I too have taken a break from collecting and am in organization mode. Your newly 'clutter-free' shelves look great and the little pink trees have your name written all over them. Your glitter and pearl embellishments are perfect. Looking forward to seeing the NEW Christmas village next season.
Hope your week goes smoothly, Candy

Country Wishes said...

I love those shelves, everything looks so pretty not to mention organised..I wish my office looked like that..

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
WOW !! You were a busy girl.. Looks wonderful, and sooo organized..Don't you feel better ?! I LOVE LOVE the PINK trees.. You really dressed 'um uo Too..I love all the glitter and pearls, anything blingy of course (it's a girl thing)..You have to visit the "Victoria" in Orange.. Donna has her PINK trees all set up for Easter.. You dressed them just in time.. How could you go wrong with the PINK?! Thanks for sharing.. Have a blessed, happy day
sue..hugs ~tea~

Anonymous said...

I love what you are doing with your shelves and those "pink" lil' trees are so cute. You might want to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for "Pink Saturday. You get to showcase your "Pink" on Saturday's. It is a great group of the sweetest gals. Just click onto How Sweet the Sound on my sidebar and it will take you to her blog. Scroll down until you see Pink Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Pink Saturday is approx 158 women who love the color "pink". It is hosted by Beverly Of How Sweet the Sound. If you go to my sidebar under Favorite Blogs her blog is listed there. If you click onto it it will take you directly to her blog. You may have to scroll down a ways until you see a post that says Pink Saturday. She lists all of the people who join in for Pink Saturday. She also has instructions if you want to join. But basically, every Saturday we post something pink. It can be anything. Some people go to diffrent links to find pictures or display pink items they own. It is great fun. Beverly sends an e-mail out every Wednesday and if you are going to participate that week you just e-mail her back and she puts you on the list. People go to her list to get the names and visit other "fellow pinkies".
If you can't participate on a particular Saturday you just send the e-mail back and tell her.

I spend most of the day on Saturday and sometimes into Sunday visiting all of the blogs who participate to leave a comment. I like to leave a comment for everyone but it is hard to do with so many participants. Nevertheless, I still try to leave a comment because everyone loves to get comments.

You would fit right in because you love "pink" and no doubt would never run out of pink items to display.

Let me know what you think about it.


Bee and Rose said...

I love the little pink trees!!!! They are like fairy trees!!!

lorhen82 said...

Everything looks so pretty!

Mary said...

Your shelves are wonderful!! Love all the "stuff" in them too!